FAKT is a non-profit consulting firm that works to support the efforts of its clients and their partner organisations in shaping economic, social, ecological and political developments. These efforts generally aim at improving the living conditions of disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the Global South, East and North.

Diversified client structure and consulting services

Founded in 1986 FAKT is owned by the FAKT e.V. (registered non-profit association). Our work is commissioned by both non-governmental and church-based development agencies, and by bilateral and multilateral development organisations such as GIZ, KfW, EU and UN-Organisations. Our consultancy services cover a broad spectrum, and range from short-term consultancy to long-term process accompaniment and project implementation on behalf of our clients.

Centralised and decentralised company structures

The FAKT head-office is based in Stuttgart, Germany, which employs permanent staff in management, project assistance and administrative functions.  Besides engaging permanent staff we exercise a decentalised management model where 50% of the fields of work are coordinated by associated consultants with long-term working relationships with FAKT. We nurture a close relationship to our associated consultants who are taking an active part in the development of the company. We further work and build relationships with the larger group of freelance consultants across the globe with whom we regularly work.  Regular exchange of experience and continuous training are part of the company culture. Both women and men enjoy equal opportunities at all levels of the firm.

Reinvesting in development

As a non-profit organisation we reinvest our revenue in development activities in accordance to our vision. We support the capacity development of our network of consultants in Germany and the global South and East, further develop methods and approaches benefitting the organisations we work with, and participate in advocacy work.