Advocacy and Campaigns

The process of globalisation, trade liberalisation and internet communication opens up new opportunities for international exchange of knowledge and goods. For many developing and transition countries, however, the expressway to a global market on which they are being pushed by industrial nations poses a serious threat. Thus a growing number of NGOs in these countries request their donors in the North to intensify their activities in advocacy on behalf of Southern partners, in political lobbying with international organisations and at conferences, and in campaigning for a sustainable lifestyle in their own countries.
The FAKT consultancy service relating to advocacy and campaigns
We assist partner organisations in both developing countries and Europe in planning, implementation and evaluation of campaigns which are aimed at changing the behaviour of target groups. 
In the field of advocacy our strength lies in enabling partner organisations in the South to keep track of national and international political processes, and to plead their cause.

Selected services:

  • Impact oriented planning, monitoring and evaluation: analysis of target groups, facilitation of planning processes, development of an appropriate mix of activities over a defined period of time with the aim to hold up public interest, development of impact-oriented approaches, tools and indicators for monitoring and evaluation
  • Information and communication
  • Social mobilisation: stimulation and accompanying of local groups in the planning and implementation of their own campaigning activities, facilitation of workshops for multipliers
  • Lobbying: Facilitation of policy dialogues, information, training and capacity building among local groups in developing countries who want to realise political participation


FAKT organized a two-day training for consultants on basics in evaluation. Planning, implementing and standards of evaluation as well as methodology were topics.

FAKT wins framework contracts with GIZ for 12 consultants in their first call for central project evaluations, 2018-2020. FAKT was successful in all 6 lots where it had put in offers. GIZ has newly established central project evaluations as an instrument of steering, transparency and learning.

An advanced training course on Sustainable Development Goals was conducted in January 2018 for FAKT associated consultants. Inputs by experts on the SDGs and on SDG monitoring were followed by discussions on how to implement the SDGs in various fields of consultancies.