Enterprise Development

Micro and small enterprises provide the lion’s share of employment and self-employment opportunities in developing countries. Craftspeople and their associations are serious and important partners in matters of vocational training.
Craftspeople in particular face the harsh winds from different corners: government rules and regulations are often to their disadvantage; at the same time, they have no strong voice to lobby governments on these issues. Purchasing power in many economies is low while competition is high.
Experience has shown that isolated measures, whether in micro credit, skill development or other fields often achieve only limited impact that is not sustainable. Rather, such measures need to be embedded into wider business support and value chain promotion strategies and rooted within the local economy.
We assist local development organisations to find the right approach that provides effective support for craftspeople and entrepreneurs on the one side and assures their autonomy on the other side. Through capacity building we facilitate a process of analysis and reflection in parallel with building up the competency of the personnel to develop suitable delivery mechanisms for support.

Our services

  • Capacity building for Business Development Services (e.g. SME consultants), NGOs working in SME development and for Trade Associations
  • Analysis and promotion of value chains
  • Conducting impact studies and evaluations


On behalf of GIZ FAKT is conducting a series of five studies on the topic „Skills for a Just Transition to a Green Future“. The studies are now nearly complete.

The consortium FAKT – Smart Kolektiv – Involvas under the leadership of FAKT, won the tender for the BMZ-funded and GIZ-implemented project back in October 2023.

FAKT organised and held a hybrid workshop on Green Skills and Green Jobs for FAKT consultants in November 2022. Various concepts and approaches in development cooperation were presented and complemented with a short overview on FAKT’s current work in developing a series of studies in this field.