Youth Employment Promotion

Why do young people fail in finding gainful employment? We tend to think there are two problems: not enough jobs and young people lacking employable skills. But what about understanding the market? What about work attitudes and knowing how to apply for a job? Employers often complain that they need qualified labour but do not find the right people. What goes wrong?
A core function of employment promotion is the matching of job seekers with job opportunities. Modern concepts are addressing both, the needs of the job seeker as well as employment practices and conditions, and the attitudes of employers. FAKT consultants together with our clients are seeking new ways of promoting employment. Linking the private sector with NGO training providers is one approach. Another is to facilitate the establishment of employment services and to engage the private sector actively in employment promotion. Establishing functioning labour market information systems at local levels which cover formal and informal labour markets is another challenge that needs to be addressed

Our services

  • Designing participatory labour market assessment methods, training of practitioners
  • Integrating elements of employment promotion in VET programmes and institutions
  • Facilitating exchange processes between private sector and civil society actors
  • Assisting in the design and implementation of monitoring and quality management systems


On behalf of GIZ FAKT is conducting a series of five studies on the topic „Skills for a Just Transition to a Green Future“. The studies are now nearly complete.

The consortium FAKT – Smart Kolektiv – Involvas under the leadership of FAKT, won the tender for the BMZ-funded and GIZ-implemented project back in October 2023.

FAKT organised and held a hybrid workshop on Green Skills and Green Jobs for FAKT consultants in November 2022. Various concepts and approaches in development cooperation were presented and complemented with a short overview on FAKT’s current work in developing a series of studies in this field.