Renewable Energies

The need for energy on one hand to raise people out of poverty but as well out of fuel dependant economies is well acknowledged. The demand for energy will grow massively over the next decades. How can renewable energies provide solutions for this growing demand? How can energy efficiency contribute?

FAKT has experience with developing holistic solutions together with the users for energy supply of communities in countries of Africa, based on initiating and managing renewable energy citizen plants in Germany.
We provide innovative solutions merging traditional knowledge with modern technology and management approaches for decentralised systems. Doing so, FAKT is combing its core methodological expertise with specific and long-term considerations. In consequence, we provide the following advisory services:

  • Capacity Development (CD) in challenging formats (face to face learning, blended learning and e-learning, workshops, study visits, and others)
  • Monitoring and (impact) evaluation of renewable energy projects (M&E)
  • Design and development of sustainable decentralised energy projects, based on micro-hydro and solar power (Decentral)
  • Energy audits for water and waste water systems (Audit)


During a tailor-made two-day training programme, AGEH staff of a rural development project in Peru was informed about renewable energy systems for rural areas.