Management and Organisational Development Consultancy

Organisations in the non-governmental, non-profit sector have come under increasing pressure to change. This involves various challenges to improve accountability, to increase the self-financing rate, to improve performance and impact, and to become more participatory.
Rather than imposing a quick-fix that is externally managed, it is often more helpful if organisations go through a longer process of learning and adaptation which is based on the participation of all stakeholders. This is organisational development designed to improve performance and co-operation.
When we accompany an organisational process, our basic principles are:

  • process orientation
  • participation
  • transparency
  • a holistic approach
  • openness about (sometimes conflicting) interests and aims.


Our services
FAKT may accompany the whole process, or get involved in specific steps along the way. We offer assistance in terms of:

  • Developing an appropriate analysis of the situation and the problem, within the organisation and its environment
  • Identification and analysis of core problems and conflicts
  • Identification of options and alternatives for a process of transformation
  • Identification of and focussing on strengths of the organisation
  • Strategic re-orientation: Developing a vision and mission, strategic planning
  • Mobilising and extending the organisation's ability to solve problems and to learn.

Besides focused work on specific issues, we also encourage increased self-awareness on the part of the organisation and its members. Members of the organisations and consultants work together towards an analysis of the situation. If requested, we can additionally bring in subject matter consultancy, e.g. on financial management, or a more elaborate external organisational analysis.


FAKT Consult GmbH together with the Arbeitskreis Entwicklungspolitik und Humanitäre Hilfe of DeGEval (Gesellschaft für Evaluation e.V.) and the University of Hohenheim hosted the DeGEval Frühjahrstagung, a 2-day conference bringing together academics, freelance evaluators, evalua

Within the framework of the annual meeting of DeGEval - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Evaluation e.V.

Wolfgang Heinrich, veteran expert on the Do No Harm approach and involved in its development from early days, provided a one-day training for FAKT consultants in October 2019 on how to implement the Do No Harm approach.