Rural Development

Rural development and agriculture play a key role in contributing to sustainable food security and poverty reduction in times of increasing natural disasters due to climate change, land grabbing, the spread of new and existing pandemics, increased conflicts and migration, and the inequality of the international trade system. The quality of life, in particular for the poorest people in developing countries, continues to depend to a large extent on the degree to which agriculture is able to support an ecologically and socially sound sustainable development for men and women.

Since 1997 FAKT offers services to strengthen partner organizations in developing countries in sustainable agriculture and food security. Our consultancies on agricultural and related rural development issues are process-oriented and guided by the principles of participation and gender justice.

FAKT specializes in the following fields of rural development:


The Rapid Climate Risk Assessment is a tool that is designed to monitor climate change impacts systematically.

The GIZ Global Project ‘Mainstreaming EbA - strengthening ecosystem-based adaptation in planning and decision-making processes' launched a collection of publications exploring climate justice aspects in EbA.

FAKT is pleased to announce that two GIZ publications on pastoralism were published recently.