Hybrid Workshop on Green Skills and Green Jobs

FAKT organised and held a hybrid workshop on Green Skills and Green Jobs for FAKT consultants in November 2022. Various concepts and approaches in development cooperation were presented and complemented with a short overview on FAKT’s current work in developing a series of studies in this field. The presentation as followed by discussion groups which served to reflect on the experiences made with Green Skills in the different technical fields and partner countries.  

Green Skills Discussion Paper published: FAKT and a team of experts, including the “Österreichische Forschungsstiftung für Internationale Entwicklung”, has been tasked by GIZ to develop a series of studies on the topic of "Skills for a Just Transition to a Green Future" in German development cooperation. The first paper of this series, a discussion paper which serves as an input for interdisciplinary expert discussions and as a new impetus to the conceptual development of Green TVET approaches, has now been published by GIZ on its website at https://publikationen.giz.de/qlinkdb/cat/ID=250263000 website. The discussion paper will be followed by 3 sectoral studies on Renewable Energies, Sustainable Mobility and Sustainable Construction, and finally culminate in a "Vision Paper".  

The study series will outline the changes and new requirements for vocational education and training in German development cooperation due to the necessary transformation towards a Green Economy. The aim is to distil necessary intervention needs and to formulate practicable recommendations for action combined with a policy vision for the future. In doing so, we base our work both on current international research and on DC project realities and experiences. The pdf document can also be downloaded here giz2022-0387en-just-transition-green-future.pdf (2239 KB)