Cross-sectional evaluation of three agro-ecological projects

Misereor commissioned a crosscutting evaluation of Misereor’s engagement on agroecology in the Dominican Republic. This involved the evaluation of three agroecological projects in the north and southwest of the country and to assess their impact on agroecological production practices, food security, adaptation to climate change, strengthening of local farmers cooperatives, reforestation and watershed management. In addition, the specific situation of the partner organisations was assessed.

The main focus of this crosscutting evaluation was learning. FAKT carried out this evaluation to improve potential follow-up projects as well as the strategic orientation of the funding priority.

The following data collection and analysis methods were applied by FAKT:

FAKT Services
  • Literature research and review, field visits, interviews and focus group discussion with target groups, key informant interviews and reflection workshop with the partner organization.
  • Reconstruction of the Theory of Change (ToC) and analysis of the contributions of households, local organizations, local governments as well as the perceptions and influences on external actors.
  • Elaboration of the evaluation report in Spanish and a short report for publication in German.