Evaluation of a Food Security Project in South Africa

Misereor supports the project with its Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) short food chain packing and marketing business unit which services a family micro-farming movement of over 5000 registered individuals (majority Household Gardens) and has established a full Farmer Development Chain from Survival to Subsistence to Livelihood stages with good prospects of launching the first Commercial stage family micro-farmers within the next 2-5 years. The overall goal of the current project is to help improve the food and income situation of the poor and marginalised inhabitants of the townships of Cape Town.

The objectives of this evaluation are to help the organisation, the target groups and Misereor to learn from past experiences and improve future efforts.

FAKT carried out the evaluation including a field visit in cooperation with a local evaluator. Apart from the DAC criteria the evaluation covered the following specific issues.

FAKT Services
  • Partners and networking
  • Concepts, strategies and approaches
  • Organisational issues
  • Project issues