Evaluation of the „Adaptation Fund NGO Network“

„Cooperation with the Climate Change Adaptation Fund“ - With two Germanwatch funded evaluation processes FAKT could support the work of the Climate Change Adaptation Fund“ an international network of NGOs to support local and small adaptation initiatives and projects and help them to get a share of the international funding for their work with the most vulnerable and neglected groups and societies.

Germanwatch carried out a project creating and maintaining a NGO network accompanying the Adaptation Fund (AF). The project was funded by the International Climate Initiative (ICI). The network is a supporting forum for NGOs in developing countries to accompany the development of the Adaptation Fund set-up under the Kyoto Protocol, with a particular focus on direct access and the implementation of projects through National Implementing Entities. It aimed at enabling a multi-stakeholder participation in the AF procedures.

As part of the AF NGO Network, NGO partners from developing countries contributed to a successful outcome of the funded projects in their countries in the interest of those people being less privileged and most vulnerable to climate change by participating in the design and implementation of the projects until the last stage of their evaluation. At the same time Germanwatch closely monitored and accompanied the process at AF Board level by attending AF Board meetings, commenting on procedures and guidelines and facilitating the contact between AF NGO network members and AF Board members. Through this the NGOs provided valuable input and perspectives from the national level to the international level.

FAKT carried out two evaluations of the AF NGO Network:

FAKT Services
  • Final evaluation with a focus on the impact of the AF NGO network partners’ work at national level
  • Mid-term evaluation with a focus on the impact of the AF NGO network at AF Board level