Evaluation of the MISEREOR Human Rights Portfolio

From 2016 to 2018, FAKT carried out an evaluation of the MISEREOR Human Rights Portfolio. MISEREOR considers human rights a central pillar of comprehensive development processes to ensure that the poor and marginalised can protect their rights. The work focusses on strengthening the civil society, promoting democracy and providing legal assistance in the project countries to enhance human rights protection. This evaluation considered 301 human rights related projects on different intervention levels (from local to international) with different cultural and political settings around the globe. The evaluation was understood as a mutual learning process. Intermediate results were discussed in rounds of reflection. Recommendations were given in a final report with regard to MISEREOR's strategies, coordination and partners in the field of human rights work.

FAKT Services
  • Evaluation in three phases (desk phase, field phase and a synthesis phase) according to the OECD DAC Criteria
  • A total of 301 projects world-wide were selected for this evaluation; 40 in-depth analysis were caried out and one field study respectively took place in Africa, Asia and Latin America
  • Summary of the evaluation in English, French, Spanish und Portuguese will be available soon on the MISEREOR website