Resilience Building and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

HEKS has established resilience building as a cross-cutting issue in its work and has been active on disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA) in the rural context for many years now. Recent initiatives that FAKT supported are:

  • Monitoring on DRR and CCA: Within the existing monitoring system, a concept for key indicators was elaborated in order to improve the monitoring of DRR and to better link climate risk and vulnerability assessments to data collection for monitoring.
  • Conflict transformation and DRR: HEKS is exploring the linkages between the two issues under the resilience concept through an analysis of overlaps and gaps in existing concepts and approaches. This includes a better linking of climate risk and vulnerability with conflict assessments.

The consultancy of FAKT also included the support of HEKS activities as a member of the Swiss NGO DRR Platform. This mainly covered the following activities where HEKS is involved:

FAKT Services
  • Coordination of the finalization and layout process of the learning course on DRR and CCA
  • Concept development on the linkages between conflict transformation and DRR and facilitation of an internal dialogue
  • Backstopping for the WOCAT case studies
  • Participation in activities of the Swiss NGO DRR Platform