Strategic Planning for Mountain Agriculture Research

Gilgit-Baltistan is Pakistan’s most elevated northern tip of the country and home of the region’s fresh water resources, an abundance of wild-life and highly adapted smallholder agriculture. For 30 years, the Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) has been supporting irrigated highland farming in the Hindukush-Himalaya area with the Mountain Agriculture Research Center (MARC).
In order to enhance research impacts on farming practice, FAKT supported a joint planning exercise, involving the stakeholders of agriculture research in the region and nationwide.

FAKT Services
  • A concluding workshop with PARC and relevant provincial and national actors helped finalising the strategic planning
  • Additionally, first concrete steps and projects were defined for the purpose of improving the contribution of agriculture and agriculture research to the development of the area.
  • Interviews, visits and workshops with all actors along the value chains of mountain agriculture products, with extension workers, researchers and nature protectionists provided a first draft of the strategic goals and objectives for the centre as well as