FAKT is part of the consortium with Adelphi, GOPA, arepo consult and Ceval which is implementing the second project evaluation cycle of the International Climate Change Initiative (Internationale Klimaschutzinitiative, IKI) of the German Environment Ministry (BMU) from 2019 to 2021.


In 2015, FAKT conducted an ex-post impact analysis of environmental projects on the Balkans, commissioned by the Austrian Development Agency ADA. 37 projects were analysed.


FAKT organized a two-day training for consultants on basics in evaluation. Planning, implementing and standards of evaluation as well as methodology were topics.


FAKT wins framework contracts with GIZ for 12 consultants in their first call for central project evaluations, 2018-2020. FAKT was successful in all 6 lots where it had put in offers. GIZ has newly established central project evaluations as an instrument of steering, transparency and learning.


A training course on digital data collection was conducted in April 2018 in Stuttgart for FAKT associated consultants. Inputs on various tools and experiences were followed by working group discussions of specific cases.


An advanced training course on Sustainable Development Goals was conducted in January 2018 for FAKT associated consultants. Inputs by experts on the SDGs and on SDG monitoring were followed by discussions on how to implement the SDGs in various fields of consultancies.


A day’s exchange of consultants on “qualitative indicators”, its varying definitions and practice took place in October 2017 for FAKT associated consultants.


Informal apprenticeship, long considered as inferior by policy makers, is still the most common form for acquisition of vocational skills in developing countries.


The culture section of DeGEval, the German-language evaluation society, invited for a day in April 2017 on professionalization in evaluation through systemic perspectives.


An advanced training course on Systemic Issues and Appreciative Inquiry took place in April 2017 for FAKT associated consultants.


Beginning of this year, FAKT organised an international thematic workshop on Social Enterprise and Employment Promotion at 'Haus der Wirtschaft Baden-Württemberg' in Stuttgart.


On October 6th, 2016 FAKT conducted an in-house training for consultants on the analysis of organizations. The first part of the event focused on analyzing the internal logics that play out in different types of organizations.


As a consultant to the GIZ project “Development fund for co-operation with civil society in Kyrgyzstan” FAKT-Consult and its British partner INTRAC (International NGO Training and Research Centre) have supported GIZ in its endeavours to (1) strengthen civil society in Kyrgyzstan especially in rur


Concept development for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation projects.


Neue Publikation von Brot für die Welt, Ausgabe Aktuell 53, zum Thema "Fracking im globalen Süden" ist erschienen.