External Evaluation of a Programme for Sustainable, Climate and Risk Resilient Development in the Philippines

The organisation KADUAMI Inc. is a development service institution that commits to contribute to the development of self-determining, self-reliant and inter-dependent communities in Northern Luzon through partnership, capability building, networking and socio-economic work.

The project "Building Capacity in Northern Luzon for Sustainable, Climate and Risk Resilient Development" was designed and aimed at building the capacity of the vulnerable sectors in Northern Luzon to reduce and manage risks from disasters for sustainable, climate-resilient development. The program components included capacity building, awareness raising, organizational development, research & development, advocacy, victim support strategy, micro-finance and cooperative Building development strategy, and participatory infrastructure development strategy.

Gender, disaster risk reduction (DRR), climate change and human rights are main issues of the project and were therefore also considered.

FAKT carried out the evaluation including a field visit in cooperation with a local evaluator. Apart from the DAC criteria the evaluation covered the following specific issues.

FAKT Services
  • Concepts, strategies and approaches
  • Organisational issues
  • Project issues