Technical Education, Training and Employment - Mubarak-Kohl Initiative (MKI-vetEP)

Nearly half of Egypt’s unemployed youth is between 20 and 24 years of age. At the same time there is a lack of services for young people to facilitate the transition from school or unemployment to gainful employment.

Overall objective of MKI-vetEP is to improve the employability of youth. The main approach chosen is to facilitate the development of labour market institutions such as “community based employment services”.

The programme operates at national level and in three pilot regions. FAKT is assisting the MKI-vetEP in developing and implementing a result based monitoring (RBM) system and to facilitate the integration of RBM in partner structures.

Further information: MKI-vetEP website

FAKT Services
  • Assistance in data processing
  • Facilitation of planning and monitoring reflection meetings including strategic planning sessions
  • Systematisation of data collection tools and processes
  • Training and coaching of programme staff and partners in result based monitoring
  • Conceptualisation of the monitoring system including elaboration of impact chains and monitoring mechanisms, planning of monitoring activities, integration of RBM in quality management systems of partners
  • Developing CSR initiatives