Training and Project Analysis on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction

Bread for all and HEKS/EPER developed a tool called “Participatory Assessment of Climate and Disaster Risks (PACDR)” . It is simple to use in the field and covers all aspects of climate change adaptation, mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and disaster risk management. Bread for all trains local South partners to use the tool during a training accompanied by a project analysis as an example. The training aims at familiarizing participants with issues of climate change and disaster risk, as well as with the application of the tool PACDR. The training consists of a mix of presentations done by local and international experts, different group exercises to practice the application of PACDR, and a field visit.

FAKT was commissioned to facilitate and lead the workshop in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as climate change related risks affect the livelihoods of the rural poor and endanger the attainability of development goals. Impacts as for example decreasing agricultural harvest or sharp falls in agricultural productions or water shortages due to decreasing rainfall amounts are already observed in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The strong dependence of the rural poor on natural resources and their limited capacity to adapt makes the Democratic Republic of Congo's population very vulnerable to climate change. Thus, based on the analysis done with the PACDR tool development projects can take climate change into account in order to lead to sustainable improvements in the standards of living of the beneficiaries.

FAKT Services
  • Facilitate and support the project analysis using PACDR
  • Lead and facilitate the training workshop