Training and Project Analysis on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction in Nepal

Brot für die Welt together with Bread for all and HEKS/EPER developed a tool called   “Participatory Assessment of Climate and Disaster Risks (PACDR)” It is simple to use in the field and covers all aspects of climate change adaptation, mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and disaster risk management.

Brot für die Welt together with its local partner SAHAS has conducted a training and village analysis in Nepal where the tool was used as a practical example. This should enable the participants to apply the tool in their own working contexts. The training aimed at familiarizing participants with issues around climate change and disaster risk, as well as with the application of the PACDR tool. The training consists of a mix of presentations done by local and international experts, different group exercises to practice the application of PACDR, and a field visit.

The training was accompanied by a workshop with participants from Nepal, India and Bangladesh on climate change adaptation. It was aimed at capacitating the participants on approaches for adapting to climate change, exchanging on successful experiences and supporting networking in the region. This was accompanied by a series of factsheets on approaches applied by partners, which were prepared before the workshop.

FAKT Services
  • Facilitation of the training workshop
  • Facilitation of and support for the project analysis using PACDR
  • Factsheet design and editing for the presentation of approaches for climate change adaptation