Publications on Pastoralism

The global rise in temperature poses a major challenge. Pastoralists demonstrate adaptability, especially in terms of agility and mobility. From pastoralism, smallholder farmers in drylands can learn sustainable practices that favour low-energy solutions for resilience. Production systems such as pastoralism offer valuable insights due to their ability to adapt to fluctuating environmental conditions and minimal reliance on external resources. A policy brief identifies lessons from pastoral systems on climate change and examines the factors that promote or hinder resilience. It emphasises the importance of promoting sustainable and resilient food systems amidst the increasing unpredictability of climatic conditions.
This technical background paper and policy brief were authored by Saverio Krätli (Pastoralism Specialist and consultant), Christine Lottje (FAKT), Friederike Mikulcak, Wiebke Foerch and Tobias Feldt (GIZ) and published by GIZ.


English publications:

  • Technical Background Paper: Pastoralism and Resilience of Food Production in the Face of Climate Change
  • Policy Brief: Climate Resilience – what can we learn from pastoral systems in Africa’s drylands?
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