FAKT’s Sustainability Concept

At FAKT, we embrace a fundamental commitment to sustainability that permeates every facet of our work. Based on the imperative of reducing our carbon footprint FAKT is implementing different steps to reduce emissions in its office (e.g. procurement of green energy, purchase of Fair-Trade and organic and sustainable products). Recognizing that travel is essential for FAKT’s work but substantially contributes to climate change, FAKT has elaborated a strategy for reducing travel-related emissions by prioritizing eco-friendly modes of transportation for domestic and European travel. FAKT staff and consultants do not use domestic flights travelling mostly by train and reduce flights within Europe. Because international flights are sometimes indispensable for our work, FAKT is compensating every flight of its staff and consultants via Klima-Kollekte (https://klima-kollekte.de/en/). Klima-Kollekte compensates CO2 emissions by projects in the field of field of renewable energies, energy efficiency, poverty reduction in the Global South.


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