Technical and Vocational Education and Training/Skills Development

Vocational Skills Development is key to productivity and competitiveness, and it is essential for economic and social integration of young people. In order to be effective vocational skills development must address the demands of labour market as well as the social and economic needs and interests of youth in a society.
FAKT has over 20 years of experience in providing consultancy services in vocational education and training (VET). We are promoting VET models that are responsive to diverse economic and social contexts, including the upgrading of informal apprenticeship. The link between VET institutions and the private sector, with focus on MSMEs, is in the centre of our approach.
Our services include evaluations and impact studies, organisational development of VET providers as well concept development linking skills training with employment promotion. FAKT was instrumental in initiating and accompanying VET reform processes and is organising international exchange processes on VET. Clients include GIZ, ILO, UNIDO, EED, Misereor and other non-governmental organisations.

Our services
At VET provider level:

  • Capacity assessments of VET institutions
  • Strategic planning and organisational restructuring
  • Design of monitoring and quality management systems

 At inter-institutional (meso) level:

  • Labour market surveys and training needs assessments
  • Training of trainers and VET managers
  • Design and facilitation of workshops and consultative meetings on VET related issues
  • Concept design and curriculum development
  • Evaluation and impact studies
  • Design of training programmes for specific target groups (VET programmes for females, conflict affected groups)

At national level:

  • Sector studies
  • Facilitation of TVET strategies


Beginning of this year, FAKT organised an international thematic workshop on Social Enterprise and Employment Promotion at 'Haus der Wirtschaft Baden-Württemberg' in Stuttgart.

On behalf of KfW, FAKT has designed an integrated project approach for social and economic integration of youth in conflict affected and fragile regions.

Manual on monitoring and evaluation available in English and Arabic (downloads)