Concept development for the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) on “Climate and agriculture in development cooperation”

FAKT was commissioned by the Sector Programme for Sustainable Agriculture (SV NAREN) of GIZ to elaborate a concept on “Climate and agriculture in development cooperation” for the BMZ.

This covered the main trends and issues regarding climate change and agriculture:

  • Understanding agriculture in the context of climate related risks and risk management, i.e. via systematic risk analysis and the concept of de-risking agricultural investments.
  • The role of ecosystems in providing services for local livelihoods as well as an increased resilience against the impacts of climate change and the role of sustainable agriculture in restoring and protecting healthy ecosystems.
  • Agroecological approaches to farming, in particular soil improvement, intercropping, but also participatory research and good governance.
  • Landscape approaches aimed at reforestation, landscape restauration, pasture management, protection of peatlands and other wetlands from conversion into agricultural land.

The objective of the concept was to summarize the current level of knowledge and to formulate a conceptual approach to climate change and agriculture.

FAKT elaborated the concept was based on the following steps:

GIZ, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH
02/2019 - 06/2019

FAKT Services

  • Review of existing literature, including scientific research papers, policy papers and funding priorities by international actors of the development cooperation.
  • Exchange with BMZ to clarify the specific objectives for the concept and to define the key elements.
  • Elaboration of a conceptual frameworks for the strategic orientation of climate related agricultural interventions, combining concepts such as climate risk management, agroecological practices and landscape approaches.
  • Interviews with key thematic experts to capture their expertise in order to integrate it into the concept.
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