Regional Dialogue on TVET and Employment Issues – Career Guidance

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in the countries of the MENA region is undergoing a substantial reform process. The aims of the reforms are to enhance relevance and quality of TVET systems and programs, and to improve the social image of TVET, which is often a second choice after academic careers. In this context career guidance plays an important but often neglected role. The exchange forum, which exists since 2007, has chosen career guidance as the main topic for 2010/11. The web based exchange was supplemented with a presence workshop held in Cairo in Sept. 2010 where participants from 5 countries and regions (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the Palestinian territories) discussed the different concepts of career guidance and elaborated ways to improve effectiveness and outreach of career guidance activities.

Various line ministries, TVET agencies and NGOs

MENA Region

FAKT Services

  • Research on the topic of career guidance and preparation of didactic materials
  • Moderating the dialogue forum and presence workshops
  • Documentation
  • All services provided jointly by FAKT and Margraf Publishers
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