Sector Evaluation on Rural Development with Emphasis on Natural Resource Management

Design and elaboration of an impact oriented sector evaluation on Rural Development with emphasis on Natural Resource Management. 88 EED projects of the sector were investigated and analysed in a desk study. For further investigation five case studies in different countries were carried out. Four case studies were based on qualitative methods. For a fifths case, (India) a quantitative study was also carried out. Based on the desk and case studies a synthesis report assessing the effects of the EED portfolio on Rural Development/ Natural Resource Management was elaborated and presented to EED.

Various partners, one in each country where a field study has been carried out

Indonesia, Ethiopia, Mozambique, India, Paraguay
eed - Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst (Church Development Service, now Brot für die Welt)

FAKT Services

  • Design and elaboration of a desk study about EED projects on Rural Development/ Natural Resource Management, design and elaboration of field studies, elaboration of synthesis report
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