Analysis of the producer level impact of Fairtrade on environmentally friendly agricultural production, biodiversity conservation, and resilience & adaptation to climate change

Fairtrade International commissioned a study to examine the impact of Fairtrade in regard to environmental protection, biodiversity conservation and adaptation to climate change. The study aimed to answer the following evaluation questions: How do Fairtrade (1) Standards and Tools, (2) Programs and Capacity Building, and (3) Premium investments impact on environmental protection, biodiversity conservation, and climate change adaptation/resilience.

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FAKT carried out the global impact study combining quantitative methods for data analysis and qualitative methods for collecting results from different countries for the global study on the impacts of Fairtrade standards on adaptation to climate change, biodiversity and the environment with a particular focus on the impacts on women.

It took place worldwide with case studies in Latin America and the Caribbean (Panama, Costa Rica), Africa (Kenya) and the Middle East, and Asia and the Pacific (India).

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